We will Restore any PerformaBuilt transmission that is outside its initial warranty period. (This does not include the 4l80e transmissions; please contact us for this service.)

The Restore process entails going through the transmission completely and bringing it to current build specs rather than putting it back to original build specs.

We at PerformaBuilt are constantly upgrading our build specs as new products come available or we figure out new ways to make our transmissions perform better. With that in mind, we Restore every transmission to the most current specs.

The Restore option includes not only restoration and upgrading of the transmission itself. But also includes shipping back to the customer and a One Year Warranty…….just like new. We do not charge an additional fee for internally worn or broken parts; unlike some of our competitors.

We also offer a Restore/Upgrade option for those customers who have upgraded their vehicle and now need a higher Level of build. To explore this option and get pricing, give us a call at (888) 744-6542. We will give you an exact price for Restoring and Upgrading your current transmission to whatever Level you are interested in.

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Price $1,170.00